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Find Out If You Have a Personal Injury Case

To find out if you have a valid Pennsylvania personal injury case, please tell us as much information as possible about your potential case. All inquiries are strictly confidential. If you need immediate help, please feel free to call our offices at 412.802.6666.

To understand if you have a good personal injury case in Pennsylvania, there are 3 basic questions to ask.

1. Were You Seriously Injured?

There has to be some physical, emotional or financial harm suffered. If you have not been injured, it is highly unlikely that you will be compensated for anything.

The definition of injured depends upon numerous factors and can include economic damages (such as medical bills and lost wages), or can include physical and emotional harm, (such as disfigurement or post-traumatic stress disorder).

Sometimes it is obvious when someone is seriously injured. Other times, it can be a grey area. To better understand if you are entitled to compensation for an accident or injury in Pennsylvania, please read: How Much Is My Case Worth?

2. Was Somebody Else Responsible?

Second, if you were injured, you need to prove someone else was responsible and you need to act quickly. In civil cases, the question is always whether another party negligently caused your injuries?

The negligence standard is often defined as “below the acceptable level of care” for the situation. We all have a duty to be careful around other people. If we are careless, and it causes someone else harm, then we are legally responsible for all of the harm suffered.

If you believe it was a someone’s else responsibility, then you need to act quickly regardless of the circumstances. As time fades, witness memories fade, and vital evidence can be lost forever.

3. Are There Resources To Pay You?

If you have been injured, and you believe someone else was responsible, then the third question is always, how will you get paid?

Injured victims primarily receive compensation from the insurance companies. Hopefully, the defendant will have adequate insurance coverage. This may be a auto insurance policy or a home-owners’s insurance policy or both.

Many serious injury cases require attorneys who are experienced in finding additional insurance coverage. Whether that is an additional umbrella policy or adding additional defendants, you need attorneys skilled at finding funds to compensate you.

Free Consultation

If you believe you have been seriously injured, and have questions about seeking compensation for your injuries, Flaherty Fardo offers free consultations on all Pennsylvania injury and accident cases. Consults can be done online or by calling our offices at 412.802.6666. If you need immediate help, please text us at 412.855.5511.

YES - Please Review My Personal Injury Case

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