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Pittsburgh Rollover Accident Attorneys

There are several different types of car accidents that occur on a regular basis in the United States. For example, people may be involved in single car wrecks, rear-end collisions, side impact collisions (also known as T-bones), sideswipes, head-on crashes, and more. Though all of these accidents can cause serious injuries to victims, according to research by a division of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the most deadly and dangerous type of car accident is the rollover accident.

A rollover accident occurs when a vehicle tips over onto its side, rolls onto its roof, or even flips over several times. As the vehicle rolls, occupants can hit the sides, windows and roof of the car, as well as the pavement in some circumstances. As you can imagine, such an accident can cause serious injuries, especially to the head, brain, and spine. Many of these injuries leave victims with long roads to recovery and even permanent disabilities.

Causes of Rollover Accidents

Common causes of rollover accidents are divided into two main categories: tripped and untripped. In short, tripped accidents involve an external force while untripped accidents are usually due to driver error. The following are some causes in each category:

  • Tripped: a vehicle hits a curb, pothole, or other road defect; a tire blows out or otherwise malfunctions; a vehicle collides with another motor vehicle or object.
  • Untripped: a driver takes a curve or turn too quickly, overcorrects the steering, swerves, or loses control of their vehicle for another reason such as distracted or impaired driving.

Many of these accidents occur because a driver acted in a negligent fashion. In such cases, any injured victims of the accident deserve to be fully compensated by the negligent driver.

Vehicle Manufacturing and Rollovers

Though any type of car may possibly rollover, vehicles with higher centers of gravity, such as SUVs, are especially prone to rollover accidents. In response, many SUV manufacturers began installing roll cages or roll bars to prevent the roof from collapsing in a rollover accident. Despite the added safety, other SUV and truck companies refuse to install these roll bars and cages because they take up cargo and passenger space. This omission puts all passengers at added risk of injury in a rollover accident. If an injury could have been prevented by taking certain safety precautions, a manufacturer may be held liable in the event of an accident.

Contact a Pittsburgh Car Accident Attorney for Help

If you have suffered injury in a rollover accident, you should always contact an attorney who has experience with this particular type of accident. The car accident lawyers at the Pittsburgh firm of Flaherty Fardo know how to handle cases involving any type of motor vehicle accident, and they work to make sure victims receive the full amount of compensation they deserve. We offer free consultations, we can help you explore all of your options, and we will help you file a legal claim if you so choose. Contact our office to schedule your free consultation at (412) 802-6666 today.

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