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Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

These days it is more likely to witness a driver talking or texting on their cell phone than paying attention to the road. Pennsylvania law has finally made texting while driving illegal. The difficult part still is to enforce that law and, as a result, accidents due to distraction continue. Drivers routinely operate cars and vehicles and participate in activities that deflect their attention and cause injuries to others including:

  • texting while driving,
  • talking on the phone while driving,
  • eating or drinking,
  • reading or writing,
  • examining themselves in their mirror, and
  • simply not paying attention to the road.

When you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, it is usually because another driver was negligent (at fault). This is when you need the best Pennsylvania injury lawyers you can find. There are many reasons, in addition to inattentiveness, that can cause car accidents, including, but not limited to:

  • failure to obey traffic signals,
  • failure to stop at red-lights or stop signs,
  • driving at excessive, reckless and unsafe speeds,
  • driving too fast for weather conditions (snow or rain), and/or
  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

We Help Maximize Compensation

Individuals injured in Pennsylvania car accidents can be fairly compensated for their injuries if another party is responsible. Once liability is established, money may be awarded to victims of car accidents for a variety of damages including:

  • pain and suffering,
  • physical injuries including broken bones and concussions,
  • mental stress, anxiety and emotional trauma,
  • outstanding medical and health provider bills,
  • reasonable future medical bills,
  • lost wages,
  • lost future wages or earning capacity, and
  • property damage.

Flaherty Fardo, LLC are experienced accident attorneys who have handled a multitude of vehicular accidents and have the resources necessary to properly investigate your case.

If you are injured, we will make such necessary accommodations to provide the most convenient consultation. We routinely hire private investigators and automobile reconstruction experts immediately upon being retained.

Free Consultation

If you have any questions about wrongful death lawsuits, Flaherty Fardo offers free consultations. Consults can be done on-line or by calling our offices at 412.802.6666.

Our representation for all Pennsylvania wrongful death and survival action cases is based on a contingent fee structure. There is absolutely no fee unless we obtain monetary recovery. We advance 100% the costs, including experts, filings, and depositions and are only reimbursed from the client’s share if we are successful.

YES - Please Review My Personal Injury Case

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