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We Help Businesses With Employment Issues

Flaherty Fardo helps our business clients with a wide spectrum of advice pertaining to employment issues, including but not limited to:

  • Employment Handbooks & Policies,
  • Non-Competition Agreements,
  • Non-Solicitation Agreements,
  • Employment Discrimination,
  • Civil Rights Cases,
  • Hiring / Firing,
  • Understanding at-will employment,
  • Whistle Blower Laws,
  • Family Medical Leave Act, and
  • Wrongful Discharge / Trade Secrets.

The “At-Will” Employee

Pennsylvania employees are presumed to be “at will” employees. What this means is that an employer or employee can terminate employment at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice, unless the action is prohibited by of the two basic exceptions:

  1. One exception is the existence of a written contract. Unless there is a written employment contract between the parties, Pennsylvania workers have very few rights. If an employer does not like the sound of your voice, or your clothing, or has personality conflicts with you, and you are an at-will employee, then most likely you can be fired immediately with legal redress, and
  2. The second exception is protection by federal statute or common law. What employers cannot due is discriminate based upon race, natural origin, age, gender, or any other recognized protected class.

We help our business clients understand Pennsylvania employment law with regards to both the hiring and terminating process. By obtaining proper employment advice with regards to employees, businesses can better avoid legal disputes and save money.

Employment Discrimination Attorneys

One of the areas of law that our business and employment attorneys are very passionate about is Pennsylvania wrongful discrimination cases. Unfortunately, discrimination still occurs in the workplace and in everyday society.

Pittsburgh is still seen by many as allowing racial and religious discrimination to occur. Our discrimination attorneys can provide free consultations on all Pennsylvania discrimination cases including:

  • Discrimination: Race, Religion, Age, Gender, National Origin.
  • Retaliation by Employer for Exercising legal Rights.
  • Equal Pay for equal work, performed by men and women
  • Discrimination: Disability (enforcement of the ADA)
  • Unlawful Harassment/Hostile Work Environment.
  • Investigations & Hearings before Government Agencies.
  • EEO Issues relating to an Employer’s Handbook & Personnel Policies.
  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Pennsylvania Human Civil Rights Commission.

One area of the of the law which we believe is increasing is age discrimination. As many workers get older, it seems as though current economical times are requiring most Americans to work later in life.

Many businesses are trying to avoid larger salaries of older workers, and are sometimes discriminating against men and women over the age of fifty in return for younger, more inexpensive employees. We fight for all individuals discriminated against, and specifically those affected later in life solely because of their age.

We have also taken a passionate stance against both racial and religious discrimination. With all of the problems existing throughout the world and in our society, it is incomprehensible how anyone can still have the ignorance to treat different anyone differently because of race, religion or any other protected class.

If you feel that you or a loved one has been the victim of racial, religious, gender or any other discrimination, call our discrimination lawyers for a free consultation at 412.802.6666.

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