We’ve all been warned about the dangers of texting while driving and have seen ads on television encouraging us to put our phones down; “two hands on the wheel, two eyes on the road” and “it can wait” are constant reminders of the importance of focusing while driving. The attorneys at Flaherty & Fardo - some on Pennsylvania’s most trusted injury lawyers - are here to reinforce this idea and provide you with resources to help you avoid texting while driving.

The Dangers of Texting While Driving

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Several years ago, the U.S. Transportation Secretary announced an immediate ban on text-messaging for truck drivers and bus drivers. Since then this ban has furthered to drivers all across the country, both commercial and personal, and has extended in some states to include even hands-free cell phone use from the ban. We don’t blame lawyers for this; Drivers who are texting while driving are 20 more times likely to get into an accident than non-distracted drivers.

What’s worse is the government’s research indicated that at 55 mph, a driver who texts on average travels a football field (endzones included) without looking at the road. The federal announcement followed a Virginia Tech study that when truckers text, the odds of creating an accident increase 23 times.

Additionally, reports from the DMV claim 26% of all vehicular crashes (from 2014) were a result of cellphone use and every day an average of 9 people are killed by a distracted driver. Texting while driving is also the leading cause of death in teens and leads to thousands of other driving-related injuries a year.

Pennsylvania Injury Lawyers for Texting while Driving

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If you or a loved one has been injured due to distracted driving or texting while driving, know that you are often able to seek justice in these cases. Not only will seeking justice bring you the peace of mind you deserve, but will also reinforce that such negligent, careless driving will not be tolerated. Get in contact with Flaherty & Fardo for a free consultation and see what we can do to help. We are committed to fighting for justice and a safer tomorrow.