Flaherty Fardo is proud to announce the 2020 winners of The Flaherty Fardo / Quaker Valley Wrestling Scholarship. The Flaherty Fardo wrestling scholarship has awarded $1,000.00 annually to a graduating wrestler from Quaker Valley who demonstrates unique ability to overcome adversity both on the wrestling mat and in life. While academics are considered, The scholarship is more centered on the character and leadership qualities of the award winning individuals. For 2020, Flaherty Fardo is proud to announce co-winners of the QV Wrestling Scholarship, Paige Lenhart and Austin Dohl-Pantaleo.

Paige Lenhart: "Nothing Comes Easy"

Paige had to break barriers to become the first woman wrestler at Quaker Valley. She believes wrestling has taught her that "nothing comes easy, nothing will be just handed to you but you have to fight for what you really believe." Two years ago, she was slammed in the Pennsylvania women's state championship, and tore a muscle in her back and neck. She wanted to quit but said future generations were her inspiration. "... I knew that I had to continue to fight because I was there for more than just myself. I was there for the future generations of girls who needed a strong example of someone who never gives up, but continues to push."  Paige not only got up, but finished that match, and won her next match to place on the podium for the second time in the Pennsylvania State Championships.. She will be attending and wrestling at Division II Tiffin University where she intends to pursue criminal justice.

Austin Dohl-Pantaleo: "I refuse to fail"

Austin graduated Quaker Valley with academic honors and will be attending and wrestling for Shippensburg University where he intends to major in International Business. In his senior year he suffered a severe ankle injury in the beginning of the year and then used that setback as an opportunity to help himself and the Quaker Valley wrestling team.   "We ended up making the team states, and Patrick and I qualified for the individual state championship at the weights we agreed to swap. This injury at first seemed to be miserable and heartbreaking, but in the end it resulted in me getting closer to my team and to the community that I, over the last four years, have grown to love and cherish as family. "Austin's attitude towards obstacles in wrestling and life have shown a continued response to adversity of refusal to fail. "Most of all, the way I deal with adversity in my life is to refuse to fail and do whatever it takes to achieve my goals..."

The Flaherty Fardo / Quaker Valley Wrestling Scholarship ($1,000.00) is awarded annually to Quaker Valley Senior wrestler(s) who demonstrate unique ability to handle adversity both on the wrestling mat and in life. Applicants are required to be Quaker Valley senior wrestlers who have demonstrated the ability to overcome adversity as supported by their own shared personal statements and letters of recommendations from coaches and teachers.

The Quaker Valley Wrestling Association supports three teams:  High School, Middle School and Youth.  To learn out more about Quaker Valley Wrestling, please visit https://quakervalleywrestling.teamsnapsites.com.

Flaherty Fardo Rogel Amick, LLC is a Pittsburgh law firm that continually supports the local youth and high school athletics for the Quaker Valley and Avonworth communities.

History of Flaherty Fardo / Quaker Valley Wrestling Scholarship Winners:

2019 - Bradley Fadeley

2020 - Paige Lenhart, Austin Dohl-Pantaleo